All Cats Are Grey in the Dark (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 19min

Christian and his two cats, Katjuscha and Marmelade, are inseparable. The felines sit atop Christian’s shoulders as he rides on the ferry, gaze at the fish tanks in the store from the prime front seat of their shopping cart, and adopt goofy positions in the lovingly lit abode of Christian’s home; they are Christian’s ultimate, but temporary, family members. In an attempt to ensure future companionship, Christian takes Marmelade to breed with a spry tomcat, and we are privy to their journey and interactions back at home, sans tomcat. This compelling relationship is filmed by an aesthetic storyteller with an astute sense of comedic timing. Tender moments between owner and pet compose this short and lighthearted examination of aging and connection. KR


Lasse Linder


Edith Flückiger


Robin Angst