Apart (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 26m

In the Midwest, against the backdrop of the opioid epidemic and rising incarceration rates, three women face the challenges of mothering their children from prison. With poignant sensitivity, this film follows them as they prepare to reunite with their families and rebuild relationships after years of separation. Documenting their personal experiences, director Jennifer Redfearn also observes an inspiring network of women supporting other women within and beyond the prison walls. Counselors and teachers impart skills necessary to secure jobs upon release and help to unpack the traumas of living in the wake of addiction with profound longing for distant loved ones. By highlighting the women’s investment in their own futures and in one another, Apart also offers a wider indictment of incarceration in America, illuminating punitive systems that all too often prioritize discipline over healing and fail to support individuals who are determined to overcome the hardships of their pasts.


Tim Metzger


Tim Metzger