I Am Not Alone (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 33m

Can ordinary people come together in the streets to prevail against their government’s oligarchs and corruption? I Am Not Alone dramatically portrays the excitement of the 2018 Armenian Revolution. We follow politician-journalist (and former prisoner of the regime) Nikol Pashinyan on his two-week resistance walk from Gyumri through Vanadzor and finally to Armenia’s capital city, Yerevan, collecting people and social media views along the way. The stunning growth of support for political reform in Armenia suggests that authoritarian governments can be forced to change without violence, which is corroborated by unexpected truths spoken by now-removed political leaders. The film shows Pashinyan’s audacious “Im Kayl” (My Step) march leading to decentralized civil disobedience, political brinkmanship, and expanded roles for women activists when male leaders of the resistance are hauled off to jail. NK