Mirador (Lookout) (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 10m

This brilliant observational film is set in the luminous landscapes of the countryside in Uruguay. The story centers on Pablo, who, along with his friends Valeria and Oscar, happens to be blind. The outings and camaraderie of the group are expressively documented. A camping trip that forms the central story starts out as a lark: they hike, have a picnic lunch, and jump into the water at the beach. The film enters a metaphysical zone during a suspenseful sequence when Pablo goes off alone to collect firewood. Later in the film, this moment of tension is echoed and deepened by an unexpected bicycle ride. A parallel story examines Pablo’s homelife using intense bursts of audio from his meticulous reviewing of old cassette tapes. Pablo also home brews and bottles fernet, an aromatic liqueur. When the three friends reunite for a rock concert, their experiences are portrayed with spectacular nighttime cinematography. NK


Antón Terni


Antón Terni


Patricia Olveira