Riafn - SOLD OUT (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 29min

The Franklin Humanities Institute Award

This uncategorizable short invites you to the vast, steep-pitched hinterlands of the European Alps to witness a series of isolated cottagers emerging from their homes to yell at empty hillsides. City dwellers may puzzle at the practices of a people seemingly lost to time: Are they communicating? Merely announcing their presence? The mystery is solved when ruminant armies descend in answer to their keepers’ calls. Moseying goats, sheep, and cows explode the silence with a cacophony of cowbells, quilting the landscape with deafening atonal jam sessions. These, it must be mentioned, are delivered with sly audio enhancement: What you see and hear can’t be taken on faith in this Alpine-Gothic, playfully pseudo-documentary contrivance. It’s high camp, both literally and figuratively. MM


Hannes Lang


Hannes Lang


Jakob Stark