Saudade (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 30min

Full Frame President’s Award

Director Denize Galiao travels the distance from Munich, Germany, to Porto Alegre, Brazil, almost nightly in her dreams, her mind trying to bridge gaps between actual trips home to see her aging parents. Twenty years ago they urged Galiao and her siblings to go abroad to make better lives for themselves. The young Galiaos did so readily then, but now Denize finds herself in a state of deep longing for the parents she loves and of fear that she might never see them again, to which she attaches an African term her father taught her as a child—saudade. The term holds many meanings, but at its heart it was meant to remind people where they come from and who they are. Galiao beautifully illustrates many of saudade’s meanings in her film with rich texture, color, and light. Mixing older footage with contemporary, memories with the present, Saudade exquisitely captures the essence of family, love, and home. WFM


Denize Galiao


Michael Kalb


Dino Osmanovic (ASBH)