The Harvest (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 10m

East of Tbilisi, Georgia, among the vineyards and pastures of Kakheti, a new crop is burgeoning: cryptocurrency. Here Bitcoin is mined electronically in such quantities that the bucolic and antiquated wine region is among the world’s leading producers and exporters of the digital currency. In Misho Antadze’s vérité meditation, dairy farms and server farms coexist in a peculiar entente. The exquisitely photographed and sequenced juxtapositions of machines and nature, past and present, are laced with a buzzing audio track and natural sound to reveal drastically evolving landscapes and traditions. Patiently paced and astutely observed, the film shows rather than tells, and ruminations both droll and profound emerge among the intersections of pastoral rhythms and algorithms. TM