The Infinite Race (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 10m

In the annual Ultra Maratón Caballo Blanco, runners compete in the spectacular Copper Canyon of Chihuahua, Mexico, home to the indigenous Rarámuri people. The town of Urique has hosted the event since 2004, after an American athlete created the race as a way for the Rarámuri, who are known for their endurance running, to honor and preserve their culture. As climate change has damaged crops, runners have come to expect the much-needed corn vouchers that are awarded as prizes. With breathtaking photography and direct access to the Rarámuri, The Infinite Race examines the underbelly of an event marred by appropriation and exploitation. Filmmaker Bernardo Ruiz deftly weaves in another unsettling layer—the cartel’s use of the Rarámuri as mules in its drug-running operations. When the threat of local violence halts preparations for an upcoming race, truths surface about the event’s organizers and its global participants. Emerging from this complex story is a robust portrait of a people with a deep respect for their culture and connection to the land. Race or no race, the Rarámuri run. KR


Bernardo Ruiz


Bernardo Ruiz


Victor Tadashi Suarez