Two Gods (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 19m

It’s not always easy to recognize a community’s pillars. In an area of Newark, New Jersey, where too many funerals commemorate tragically short lives, Hanif works as a casket maker and ritual body washer. He’s committed to his work and to his Islamic faith. He’s also a steady mentor to two young men: Naz, a boy at the precipice of manhood in a place where career and peer group are life-and-death choices, and Furquan, a tween with a complicated homelife whose grandmother wants him to move to be with family in rural North Carolina. Sensitive black-and-white footage shows a neighborhood’s struggle with never-ending grief and Hanif’s struggle simply to maintain a middle-class existence against long odds. He emerges as a complex character, gathering reservoirs of mental, emotional, and spiritual strength that he can lend to those he loves. MM


Zeshawn Ali


Aman Ali


Colin Nusbaum


Zeshawn Ali