Whirlybird (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 43m

A young journalist couple changed the breaking-news landscape when they took to the Los Angeles skies in their helicopter. Capturing some of the city’s most pivotal moments as they unfolded on the streets below, including the 1992 riots and the O.J. Simpson pursuit, husband-and-wife team Zoey Tur (known then as Bob) and Marika Gerrard were determined to record the day’s breaking news, even if it meant hanging from the side of a midair chopper to get the best shot. With remarkable candor, Tur and Gerrard look back at the adrenaline rush of their work and the perils of watching volatile news events unfold in real time. The film explores how professional achievements and personal struggles ultimately culminate in dramatic life changes. Featuring extensive footage from their archive, _Whirlybird _reflects on their extraordinary success and the personal consequences of living with the pressing impulse to get to the story first. ST


Matt Yoka


Diane Becker


Edward Herrera